Solo Travel Iceland Part 2

Solo trip to Iceland! Part 2 Volcano Tour

Most people worry that Iceland is too cold to tour. I think that the slope is dangerous because of sea, glacier and volcanic eruption. However, although Iceland originated in a land of ice, a land covered by glaciers, it is not as cold as most people think. Iceland has a cold and windswept oceanic climate to the northwest, but the Icelandic port is mild even at very high latitudes because of the warm waters of the North Atlantic that do not freeze. It is about -3C/36F in the middle of winter and 13.3C/56F in the peak season in midsummer, so it is rather cool for summer, but it is difficult to predict due to the changeable weather, so you should always prepare waterproof clothes.

After a tiring day, after taking a hot spring bath in the Blue Lagoon on the way home from the airport, I felt much lighter, so I went around the port by the sea and had my first meal with the famous Lobster soup, salad, and rye bread baked with geothermal heat. did. It was an excellent choice. Rye bread you can’t taste anywhere else.” Lugbreuid is Icelandic traditional oat bread. The dark (chocolate color) sweet-tasting bread is a traditional recipe in which a jar of dough is placed in an embers and baked overnight while covered with grass. In this volcanic region, the wise bread recipe developed by our ancestors who lacked resources due to poverty and cold using electricity and heat (geothermal heat) from the ground instead of firewood.

Around the time the sunset reached the threshold, I decided to go on a tour of the volcanic eruption with the guidance of my guide. After a 45-minute drive from downtown Reykjavik, I parked my car in a field where I didn’t know where it was, and started walking on a steep hill for 40 minutes. It was very difficult to walk on this road after 800 years of overflowing black and black stones and lava. Be sure to wear hiking boots that have thick feet and have a lot of fine grain so that you do not fall over. An old couple walked a few steps and went back to the car. We continued to climb for an hour and a half, and seeing the red remnants of Larva flowing down from the upper mountain and the piled-up fire, instead of admiring it, I thought of a night out.

Although the wind was strong and cold, the heat of Laba was very warm, and while we sat by the gentle fire for a while and watched, we were proud of the chatter, emotion, and expression of people from various countries. On an exceptionally windy day, the guide pointed to the place where black smoke was constantly blowing from the top of the mountain, and the guide told us to choose whether to climb to the top or not. Carrot Gaya~~Jing~ How hard was it on my knees and my chest to get up here, but I just went down the river~?… … In order to climb the peak unanimously, as a backpacker, we held hands and climbed in pairs for 1 hour, why does the peak just above the snow feel so far away… As I climbed to the top while recalling old idioms… A gigantic peak spewed out a stream of red flames with its mouth open.

Oh My God.. God~` Surprised and moved by the greatness, everyone sat down at a loss for words. How long has it been since we kept in our hearts the heat of the crater that spews out every 7 to 10 minutes? I don’t think it’s going to happen, but the wind was too strong and the weather was bad, so we decided to go down after the 7th eruption. I knew it would be difficult to climb, it was covered with stones from the rubble of laba, so we had to fall down several times, losing our hands holding each other. The guide said that it was hard work and gave each one of the Lava chocolates called Fiery Chocolate, trying to make us suffer. How many times in my life will I be able to see the bleeding of a crater like this before my eyes? Everyone’s thumbs up for one of the most memorable tours in Iceland. what is life Nosenose I remember the friend who said “No-se” when I was young. Even on a rough hike, if your legs are shaking, you can’t go even if you want to go. Go up when your legs are healthy..ah~~