4 days in Swiss Rocky Colorado

USA Switzerland Colorado 4 days $1,590
Itinerary: Denver-Garden of the Gods-Royal Gorge-Drango Gorge Train and Hot Springs-Messavard National Park-Albaquerque Out (Denver Airport 12pm Arrive – Albaquerque Airport Depart 6pm)
Included: guide, car, admission ticket, hotel 3 nights (2 people per room), drago train ticket once, full meal (dinner not included on the last day),
Excludes: Guide and driver tips ($20/day/p ), personal expenses, options, personal insurance,
** We inform you that according to custom, we will be exempted from injury or loss due to your negligence.
** Please note that the above schedule may be slightly changed due to local traffic, weather, and other matters related to each flight delay.
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1 day
place denver Each region/Denver
Detail Guide meeting after departure/arrival in each area (arrival before 12pm)

After a brief city tour/lunch, move to Colorado Springs.

**Relaxing, walking or trekking in the Garden of the Gods to see the red rocks of Colorado made by pioneers 100 years ago and their beauty.

Hotel: Holiday Inn and Suite or similar


2 Day
place canyon city Canyon City/Royal Gorge
Detail It is an experience time to walk the bridge connecting the canyon by passing the Royal Gorge Park at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the world’s tallest suspension bridge, via a cable car.

Experience the beauty of nature with a train in the time called a time machine of the past.

Option: Goyal Goji train ride ( First Class ) – $130/p

Hotel: Holiday Inn and Suite or similar

3 day
Location drago
Detail Today is an early climbing day from Drango to the Rocky Mountains.

It is a day to venture back in time over 130 years on a historic steam locomotive and visit interesting traditional villages between picturesque Huan Mountain Road and Red Mountain.

On the way back, how about an outdoor hot spring at the famous Hot Springs?

Option: Onsen $50/p

Hotel: holiday inn and Suite or equivalent

4 day
Detail Today, we will go to Massa Bird National Park, a World Heritage Site with our guide.

As a cliff dwelling place for the Pueblo tribe in southern Colorado, the cultural relics of ancient Native Americans are exhibited.

After lunch, move to Albaquerque and disperse after arriving at the airport (after 6pm)


  • 투어요금은 2인1실 기준으로 3인 또는 1인1실로 사용하실 경우 싱글료가 부과 됩니다.
  • 본인의 부주의로 인한 부상 밎 분실에 대해서는 관리에 따라 면책됨을 알려 드립니다.
  • 상기일정은 현지 교통, 기후 등 기타 제반사항에 의해 다소 변경될수 있음을 양지 바랍니다.
  • 포함: 가이드, 차량, 입장권, 호텔3박(2인1실), 드랭고 기차권 1회, 전일정 식사(마직막날 석식 불 포함) 등
  • 불 포함: 가이드 밎 기사 팁($20/day/p), 각 개인경비, 옵션, 개인보험 등