Peru Machu Picchu & Nazca 5 Nights 6 Days

【Schedule】Peru: Lima – Cusco – Machu Picchu – Urbamba – Ica – Nazca
** If the airline connection is late after the last itinerary, it will be changed to hotel stay/departure the next morning **
【Departure Date】 Depart every 2 minutes or more
【Not included】 Guide tip, international flight ticket, optional tour (optional tour)
*Unspecified charges are subject to local dollar exchange rates.



1 일
Location Dallas
Detail After check-in, fly to Lima, the capital of Peru.
Hotel check-in after meeting with guide* Climate of Peru
Although it belongs to a tropical climate region, it appears differently from region to region due to the influence of the Korean Wave and altitude.
Peru is divided into a wet season from October to April and a dry season from May to September.
2 일
Location llama
Detail Depart from Lima Airport (flight time: 1 hour 20 minutes)
Arrival at Cusco Airport (CUZ)
※ Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire, is 3,380M above sea level.
You may feel the symptoms of altitude, and the 14-hour jet lag between the long flight and the fatigue
which has huge impact, so please take plenty of rest and travel.
Tour the Inca capital of Cusco (3,380m above sea level)
▶ See the architecture of the Inca and colonial times at the Santo Domingo Cathedral
▶ Tour of Cusco’s historic sites such as Korikancha Temple of the Sun and Dodecagonal Plaza de Armas
Go to Urubamba, a quiet village near Machu Picchu
Arrive in Urubamba for dinner and hotel check-in
3 일
Location Cusco
Machu Picchu
Detail breakfast at the hotel
Go to Ollantaytambo Station
Take the Inca Rail-Expedition to Aguas Calientes (about 1 hour 40 minutes)
Take the national park shuttle bus to the entrance of Machu Picchu National Park (Travel time: 40 minutes)
Sightseeing Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu: Old Peak)
▶ Visit the Temple of the Sun, Temple of Condor, Fire of the Sun, King’s Tomb, Terraced Fields, etc.
Get off at Aguas Gallientes Station and have lunch
※ The schedule may change depending on the Machu Picchu train time.
Return to Urubamba by Inca Rail and transfer to Cusco.
Rest after check-in at the hotel
4 일
Location Cusco
Is this
Detail Wake up and simple breakfast
Transfer to Cusco Airport and depart for Lima Airport
After arriving in Lima, board a private vehicle and depart for Nazca
Transfer to Ica by private vehicle and sand car tour
★Optional tour: Sand car and sandboard tour $50/person
Hotel check-in after dinner
5 일
Location Nazca
Detail breakfast at the hotel
Nazca Tour Light Airplane from Ica
▶ View the mystery ‘Nazca Ground Painting’ that has not been solved even today by light aircraft
※ “I don’t know Peru, but I know the Nazca patterns.” World famous enough to say that
As much as there is, there are absurd editorials and speculations. Astronomical calendar, longing for water
Rain amulet, worship to the gods. Or a password left by an alien.
Due to the nature of the non-rainy climate, it was able to withstand 1,500 years of time.
However, at present, it is in a state of fading, and the pattern is only available when the weather is sunny.
It’s clearer and I hope the weather will be nice.
Seal Island tour via ‘Paracas’ on the way to Lima (optional tour)
★Optional tour: Ballesta Island Tour (Seal Island) $50/person
▶ The small Galapagos, home to over 300 million waterfowl, penguins and seals
※ Tours to Seal Island may not be possible depending on the weather on the day.
After lunch, depart for Lima.
After dinner transfer to Lima International Airport
Departure to each regional international airport
6 일
Location Dallas
Detail Arrival at DFW Airport
▶ Departure: You must be careful about losing your passport, visa, and air ticket while traveling. (Please do not leave valuables in the car.) 
*The itinerary may change back and forth at the decision of the Peruvian guide depending on the local weather before the tour. 
▶ What to bring: Passport, permanent residence card, ID card, swimsuit, comfortable clothes, sneakers, jacket, toothbrush, toothpaste, 
  personal medicine (headache, cold medicine, etc.), camera, etc. 
▶Note: During travel, be sure to keep warm as there are places where there is a big difference in temperature between day and night. 
 You must prepare long-sleeved clothes for dragons.!!! 
▶ Airport/Departure Tax: When you leave the airport in Latin America, different amounts of immigration tax (up to $17-$30) or 
  airport tax are required depending on the departure area, airline, and type of ticket. (It may vary depending on nationality.) 
▶ Service charge: Guide fee for tour guide and driver tip: $15.00 per guest per day (excluding children under 3 years old) 
▶ Optional (Suntec) tour: * Optional tour and expenses not specified are local. It fluctuates according to the dollar exchange rate. 
-Seal Island Motor Boat $50/person, Huacachina Sand Car $50/person
▶For optional options, please inquire individually. 
▶ The tour fee is based on a double room, and if you use a room for 3 or 4 people, an additional discount is applied only for the 3rd and 4th guests 
▶ There is an additional fee (single room fee) when using a single room hotel room . 
▶ What to bring: Simple clothes and jacket, toiletries, personal medicine (stomach pain, headache medicine ..), camera, etc. 
▶ The above rates are tour rates and do not include airfare. The detailed airfare varies according to the reservation status based on 
  the departure city and departure date. Please inquire for exact airfare. 
▶ Tour departure and arrival times vary slightly depending on flight time.
▶ Please note that the company is not responsible for schedule cancellations or changes due to injury, disease, death, loss, or 
  natural disasters caused by your negligence or chronic illness. 
▶ The above schedule is subject to local transportation, climate, and other general matters Please note that it may be subject to change slightly. 
▶ In the United States, tipping is a daily life. We appreciate the payment of a tip if: 
  $1 per person after eating / $1 at the table upon check-out from the hotel