Mysterious World Greenland 5 Days

Igaliku – Narsasuak (including international flights – Reykjavik/Nasassuak)
【Date】 1st June 13, 2023 – Reservation
【Excluded items】 International flight, guide tips, optional tours, meals, options, etc.



1 day
Location Igaliku
Detail Welcome to Narsasuak, Greenland

After meeting with your guide, you will be taken to the world of ice, the starfish of Greenland. Using Itilleq as a boat, it is time to enjoy the picturesque townscape of picturesque and colorful villages up to Igaliku, which you have never seen before, and the icy sea and meadows of the Museoan glacier in the fjord.

2 Day
Location Igaliku
Detail Today, you can enjoy a free day in the beautiful village of Igaliku. It is a 300-year-old heritage site of the Nordic era, and it is a day to walk around and experience the village.
Enjoy your free time to hike the beautiful village walk, the Tunulliarfik fjord glacier exposure (15km).
It will be an unforgettable day
3 day
Location Narsasuak
Detail Today you will be transferred by boat from Igaliku to Assiarsuk.
Seeing the open-air museum where the Nordic ruins are preserved, the shepherds of about 40 residents, and visiting schools and churches
In the afternoon you will travel back to Narsasuaq to travel through the icebergs of the mysterious colors and sizes of the Qoorof Ice Fjord.
4 day
Location Narsasuak
Detail Today is a day hike to Narsauag Glacier, which is part of the Snowflake and is 8 km from the bay. If you start walking 300m from the trail, you will see a sight where you can see the majestic glacier at a glance while walking up the beautiful winding Kotdongsan Mountain. It will be a beneficial time to come back while touching and experiencing the glacier directly from the observation deck.
5 day
Location Reykjavik
Detail On the last day of our short itinerary in Greenland, we will visit the Blue Ice Café and Narsasuak Museum, where you can spend the morning with a cup of coffee and reminisce about Greenland’s history and culture. View south of Greenland, transfer to the airport in the late afternoon and arrive at Iceland International Airport in Reykjavik.

* 상기 일정은 항공 및 현지 사정에 따라 다소 변경될 수 있음을 양지하시기 바랍니다.
포함 : Non Stop 그린란드 국내항공, 크루즈,호텔4박 (2인 1실 기준), 가이드, 기사, 차량
불 포함 : 가이드 및 기사 팁 ( €25x5day = €125/p ), 현지 옵션 , 여행자 보험