2023 12 days Foreigner Homeland Visit Special

The price of the product is proceeded as a No option custom event with a minimum number of 8 to 20 minutes.

Only famous places with a comfortable time itinerary and abundant sights and food were selected

$ 4190/p

  • The rate is based on double occupancy, and an additional charge will be applied for singles.
  • Included: Hotel for the entire itinerary / bilingual guide in English and Korean / vehicle, fixed meals included (no lunch/dinner on the 10th, 11th, 12th) and entrance fees
  • NOT INCLUDED: airfare, guide & driver tip ( $20/px 12 days = $240), meals on arrival day
  • The above schedule is subject to change due to climate change and natural disasters, and personal travel insurance is recommended
  • The above flight options are based on off-season (based on DFW departure), limited sales (Non Stop), sold out according to demand, and fares may increase or change depending on the departure city.



1 day
Location each region
Detail Departure from each region – Arrive at least 3 hours before check-in

  • US citizen pre-register and present QR-code
  • Certificate of completion of 2nd vaccination (3rd vaccination required 6 months after 2nd vaccination)
2 Day
Location Incheon International Airport
Detail After arriving at the international airport, after customs inspection, meet the guide at the exit and go to the hotel

free time and rest

Hotel: Fraser Place or similar

3 day
Location Jeonju
Detail Today we will go to Jeonju with our guide.

Let’s visit Jeonju Hanok Village and relive the history of the Joseon Dynasty by visiting the old houses, the Hanji Museum, the Pansori Museum, and the Traditional Liquor Museum.

In the evening, feel the traces of an old hanok and relax in a hanok

Hanok accommodation

4 day
Location Jeonju/Naju/Gwangju
Detail Today, let’s take a walk around the pagoda on the Twin Mountains of Maisan, where there are hundreds of pagodas that are said to not collapse even in the rain and wind.

Let’s look into the world of the literary artists of Juk Snowfield, feel the soul of their work, and feel the beauty of oriental whitening

** Bamboo Snow Garden: Empress Dowager Park’s personal garden and created the name of “Chokseolheon” in admiration for the snow-covered bamboo forest.

Holiday Inn or similar

5 day
Location Gwangju/Gangjin/Mokpo
Detail This morning, take a walk in the fresh Damyang Metasequoia forest, experience the famous sauce making in Damyang, taste the traditional Korean food prepared by the master himself, and then go to Gangjin.
In the exile of Jeong Yak-yong, let’s go to Mokpo and immerse yourself in the beauty of the archipelago on the Mokpo Cable Car while exploring the history and contemplation in the reed fields while healing with nature.
6 day
Location Mokpo/Boseong/Suncheon
Detail Today is a special day
How about pansori with the scent of Boseong green tea? The charm and green tea of this serene pansori will relieve the pain in our hearts. You won’t fall for the beautiful scenery and sounds, but you will be immersed in the charming scenery along the way. The thatched houses in Nagan Eupseong Village You can see the life of peasants in the Joseon Dynasty as it is, and the luxuries of Songgwangsa Temple and bamboo forest will make us stop. Eco Grand Hotel or equivalent
7 day
Location Namhae/Busan
Detail Namhae Bridge, which connects the blue sea and large and small islands, is the most beautiful bridge in Korea.
In addition, the Darengi Village, where you can see the terraced rice fields and the sea at a glance while healing with a beautiful drive course, is not to be missed. How about relieving the fatigue of the day with a glass of beer in an exotic German village? Shila Hotel or similar
8 day
Location Busan
Detail Today, you will visit Bujeon and traditional markets in Busan to experience cooking. – Enjoy the taste of Busan while drinking eel and pajeon with a local.

In the afternoon, take the train from Haeundae and pass Dalmaji Pass to Songjeong, a section that shows the hidden wonders of Busan.

Gamcheon Village in the evening glow and a walk at Yonggungsa Temple, a Korean traditional temple, is a beautiful place not to be missed in Busan.

Shila Hotel -4 star similar to Ttonun

9 day
Location Busan
Detail After breakfast, free dissolution and move to Busan Station, then move to Seoul

Free time after arriving in Seoul

Hotel: Fraser Place

10 days
Location Seoul
Detail Seeds:
It is a shrine where the ancestral tablets of 27 kings and queens are enshrined. It has a simple architecture, yet contains dignity and sublimity.
Secret Garden at the end of Changdeokgung Palace on the way to Jongmyo Shrine. The Secret Garden is a haven to soothe the king’s worries. The wonderful scenery and splendor will melt into the scenery that preserves natural beauty and harmony. In the afternoon, we will pass by the Hanok Village surrounding Cheonghwadae and take a walk in places that often appear in dramas. Get a taste of the traditional market with food. Seoul Tower: Visit Seoul Tower at sunset to see the charm of the coexistence of the past and the present. Hotel: Fraser Place
11 days
Location Seoul
Detail *** free time ***

Today is free time to enjoy the sights in Seoul personally. Through this opportunity, it is time to freely enjoy Namdaemun Market, a traditional market with 600 years of history, Myeongdong, the best shopping street in Seoul, Insadong Street with traditional culture, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Namsan Tower that runs through Seoul, and palaces and museums known around the world.

Hotel: Fraser Place

12 days
Location each area in Seoul
Detail Today we will go to Incheon International Airport. We depart for each region.