Mediterranean cruise 10 days

Cruise Merchandise: $1,890/p
【Itinerary】Rome – Centorini Greece – Ephesus Turkey – Mykonos Greece – Naples (Island of Capri: optional) Italy – Rome
[Date] 2023 1st: May 27 2nd: August 12 (Mediterranean Sea last cruise)
【Included】 Cruise window cabin (2 people per room), port vehicle limousine service,
【Not Included】 International flight tickets, guide tips, optional tours
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1 day
Location each region
Detail Departure from each region
2 Day
Location Rome Italy
Detail After arriving in Rome, move to the marina, check in on the cruise, and then relax.

Cruise departure: 5pm

3 day
Location cruise voyage
Detail Enjoy free time while admiring the blue sea of Greece while sailing on a full-day cruise
4 day
Location centorini greece
Detail After arriving at Centorini Aegean Island, optional tour or free time (1pm arrival ~ 11pm departure)

  • Originated from the 13th century Latin Empire, it is an island formed over a long period of time by eruption of a volcanic crater.
  • Let’s take a walk through the blue roofs that touch the sky and the town above the blue emerald sea and capture the beauty
  • Options: to be determined
5 day
Location Ephesus, Turkey (Turkey)
Detail Arrive Ephesus: 9am to 6pm

  • Located on the coast of the Aegean Sea in western Turkey, Iphesos was built as an ancient Greek colonial city and built up wealth as an important commercial area. As a church where the evangelism of the early Christian apostle Paul began, Ephesus is a place where Christian history was conveyed in the first century.
  • Free time or optional tour (select optional tour)
  • Option: Ephesus visit: $150/p
6 day
Location mykonos greece
Detail Arrive Mykonos: 6am-6pm

* This is a very classic Greek island. The white house, the church with the blue dome, and the windmill are the most symbolic places. There is a cozy fishing village next to the port where the passenger ships enter. where it goes

  • Use your free time to eat the famous fresh seafood dishes of Mykonos and be crazy about the blue sea.
7 day
Location sea cruise
Detail * Full Day Sea Cruise – Naples Italy

  • Free time to relieve fatigue from continuous sightseeing and enjoy entertainment on the cruise.
8 day
Location Port of Naples (Isle of Capri)
Detail Arrival at Naples Port: 7am to 6pm

  • Naples is the third largest port city in Italy and a cultural center that played a pivotal role in integrating Greek and Roman history.
  • Enjoy major tourist attractions such as Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, and Capri Island with free time or optional options.

Select option: Capri island tour $ 290/p

9 day
Location Rome Italy
Detail Arrival in Rome (Civiravecchia): 5am

  • After arriving in Rome, airport transfer or Rome city tour option (in case of 1 extra day)
  • Option: 1 extra day plus city tour $290/p (4-star hotel)
* The above cruise product is a window cabin for 2 people, and you can choose an additional balcony cabin.

* International airfare, option price, and guide tip are not included (€20x9day).

*For international flight arrival schedules, please book and issue tickets according to the schedule before arrival/departure time 12pm/10am, and we cannot be held responsible for tickets issued by other companies other than Gurup Airlines.

*Above products may increase depending on sold-out demand


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