Italy 10 days a week

Southern Italy 10 days deluxe – exclusive product

Departure Dates: 2023 – 4/24, 6/1, 8/1, 10/1, 11/18, 12/18
** Feel the beauty of Amalfi Coast properly with style and fragrance **
Rome – Pompeii – Salerno – Alberobello – Grotta Castellana – Matera – Paesrum – Capri Island – Sorrento – Naples – Tivoli – Assisi






1 일
Location Dallas/each region
Detail Departure from Dallas or each region

  • Check-in for boarding procedures 3 hours prior departure
2 일
Location Rome / Pompeii / Salerno
Detail Arriving at Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport
Move to Pompeii (approximately 3 and a half hours)

▶ Tour the ruins of Pompeii, the city of misfortune, the Roman Empire that disappeared in one day due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius
Transfer to Salerno – The three major cities of Costiera Amaltana, the center of culture and art
Dinner after check-in & rest (free meal due to travel flu) Hotel: Salerno 4 stars

3 일
Location Salerno/Trani/Alberobello
Detail After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Trani (approximately 2 and a half hours)
▶Trani, a commercial port city in Puglia and the center of an important city on the Adriatic Sea in the Middle Ages
▶ Free time to admire the Romanesque-style Church of San Nicola that blends like a picture with the Adriatic Sea
After lunch, go to Alberobello.
▶ Alberobello, a fairy tale town in the Smurfs Village, Puglia, Italy
▶Free time to enjoy the trolley of residential architecture handed down in the Mediterranean region
After dinner, check in at the hotel and relax: Alberobello 4 stars
4 일
Location Alberobello / Grotta Castellana / Matera
Detail After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Grotta Castellana.
▶ Tour of the fantastic Castellana limestone cave dating back 100 million years, 122m below sea level (admission)
Transfer to Matera / Matera tour after lunch
▶Matera, an ancient city of 7,000 years that is nowhere in the world (Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019)
▶The background of the movie Passion of the Christ and a visit to Matera’s traditional cave dwelling type Sassi (admission)
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel Hotel: Matera 4 stars
5 일
Location Matera/Paestum/Sorrento
Detail After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Paestum.
▶The Greek maritime city-state of Paestum, the most perfectly preserved Temple of Pseidon and Hera
After lunch, move to Sorrento (about 2 hours)
▶Come back Sorrento Canzone’s city Sorrento city tour and free time
After dinner, overnight at the hotel and rest Hotel: Hilton Sorrento Palace
6 일
Location Sorrento/Positano/Capri Island
Detail After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Positano.
▶Walk along the Positano coastline, treasure of Amalfiana
Ferry to Capri (approximately 1 hour)
Capri tour after lunch
▶Capri, the resort and villa of emperors
▶Free time in Capri, the gardens of Emperor Augustus and luxury streets
▶Capri Bath Tour (optional)
Ferry to Sorrento (about 30 minutes)
After dinner, overnight at the hotel and rest Hotel: Hilton Sorrento Palace
7 일
Location Sorrento/Naples/T-Ball
Detail After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Naples.
▶ World’s best Archaeological Museum of Naples (admission) and city tour and free time
Transfer to Rome (approximately 3 hours)
▶Villa d’Este Garden, a UNESCO heritage that marked the beginning of European gardens
Dinner and overnight stay Hotel: Roma 4-star
8 일
Location Rome/Vatican
Detail Hotel Breakfast ▶ Vatican Museum & Peter’s Basilica – Inside Rome

  • Originated from the hill of the ancient Vatican, it was a place where Greek mythology was worshiped, but through the renaissance era, it is now the headquarters of Catholicism.
    ▶Rome city tour, Benz tour (optional)
    Dinner and hotel tour

Hotel: Ergife Palace

9 일
Location Rome/Assisi
Detail Depart from Assisi after breakfast at the hotel (approximately 3 hours)
▶Assisi Tour of St. Francis – A hill town in the Umbria region of central Italy/ Medieval horse where Francis, an Italian Christian priest in the 13th century, founded a religious order
Transfer to Rome (approximately 3 hours)
▶ Roman Era Claudio High Singer
Dinner and Overnight Hotel: Ergife Palace
10 일
Location Rome
Detail After breakfast, go to the international airport


  • Product price $ 2,890/p
  • 4-star hotel standard (2 people per room) – Additional charge for using a private room ($690)
  • The schedule may change depending on local circumstances.
  • Excluded: Tickets, Options, Guides & Drivers, etc. Tips