Greece cruise 11 days

【Schedule】Dallas In – Dallas Out ** This is a two-day rescheduled schedule in Venice (7/2, 7/10 )
Dallas to Venice Italy – Kotor, Montenegro – Corp Island – Athens (Piraeus Port) – Mykonos – Argostoli – CRUSING – Venice Italy Airport – Dallas
【Date】July 1st 2022 Departure ~ July 11th 2022 Arrival [10 nights 11 days itinerary] $2,990 (Last /Sold out ) – $2,390/Available without flight
【Included】 Air ticket ($2,990 – closed), tour and hotel, vehicle, meal, etc.
【Not Included】 Guide tips, optional tours, free itinerary meals in Venice, etc.

** $2,990/ Air France Guupe Air – After closing, the flight will be purchased separately **

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Location each region
Detail Departure from each region
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Location Italy
Detail *Water City Venice (Venezia) Located in the northeastern part of Italy, you can end a romantic day on the beach at sunset.

Top 3 places to visit in Venice
1. Piazza San Marco 2. Murano Island 3. Burano Island

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Location Kotor, Montenegro
Detail * Facing the Adrian coast, it has been used as a villa for nobles since the Roman period, and you can see the remains from the Middle Ages to the Roman period.

Top 7 Things to Do in Kotor, Montenegro
1. Montenegro City Wall Climbing 2. Old Town Walk 3. Our Lady of the Rocks (Island of Our Lady) 4. Boca Port Cruise 5. Kotor Boat Tour 6. Campana Tour 7. Arms Square

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Location corp island
Detail *Korp Island was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 and is famous for the most beautiful scenery among the Greek islands due to the nearby small islands.
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Location Athens (Port of Piraeus)
Detail Athens is said to be named Athena after the goddess Athena. As the oldest city of civilization in Europe, Athens is not only home to the Acropolis and the most important buildings and archaeological history in the Western world, but it is also a place that exudes unexpectedly modern charm. It is a city.

Top 3 places to visit in Athens
1. Temple of Erechtheon 2. Temple of Olympian Zeus 3. Temple of Poseidon

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Location Mykonos
Detail * This is a very classic Greek island. The white house, the church with the blue dome, and the windmill are the most symbolic places. There is a cozy fishing village next to the port where the passenger ships enter. where it goes
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Location Argostoli
Detail *The beautiful cave of Melishani, famous in Argostoli, and the clear sea and lake of the clear Myrtos beach are admiring, and it is a place with a peaceful and peaceful feeling.
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Detail free cruise itinerary
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Location venice italy
Detail go to the airport. Depart for each region
• Please note that the above itinerary is subject to change depending on flight and local circumstances. 
• Fees for optional excursions are subject to individual selection. 
• For optional tours and tour guides, please change the local currency to euros when paying the tip later. 
• Please be advised that items may be sold out if the optional tour is paid later.