8 nights and 9 days in Iceland, a fascinating and mysterious country

Blue Lagoon – Golden Circle – South Coast – Jokulsarlon – Diamond Beach – East Fjord – Myvatn Region – North Iceland
【Date】 2023, from April to September
Included: Hotel 8 nights (based on double occupancy), professional guide and vehicle
【Not included】 Airline, Korean guide Tip – Accompanying for more than 10 minutes ( €25x9day/p, optional tours, meals, etc.) – Payment must be made locally ( €25x9day/p)



1 day
Location Departure from each region
Detail Departure from each city
2 Day
Location blue lagoon
Detail – After arrival at Reykjavik Airport, transfer to Blue Lagoon and free time

*Relax in a hot spring bath with a lagoon surrounded by black lava rocks as a very unique natural hot spring (world’s top ten hot springs), rich in minerals and milky white aquamarine sea.

After moving to the hotel, free time – Let’s enjoy a pub with kafe and music while strolling through the Helgramskirkja Church built with basalt columns, the old port, the Icelandic History Museum, and the Art Street.

3 day
Location golden circle
Detail Today, we will go to the Golden Circle, one of the three most popular attractions in southwestern Iceland with a guide.

Geysir Geothermal Area: A place with many colorful hot springs. The hot spring, called strokkur, erupts up to 35 meters every 5 minutes.

Gullfoss Waterfall: Melt water from Langjökull, Iceland’s second largest glacier, falls into a deep canyon to form the majestic “Golden Waterfall”

Þingvellir National Park: Þingvellir National Park, Iceland’s largest natural lake, is home to a variety of fish and birds. Where the chiefs held their annual summer meeting every year when the Icelanders established a parliament at Þingvellir in 930.

4 day
Location south coast
Detail Today, with your guide, you will start a new adventure on the Icelandic coast and the glacial mountains.

As one of the largest waterfalls in all of Iceland, 65m water drops towards the majestic Sellandfoss Falls, one of Iceland’s tallest waterfalls, offering a unique view.

Go to Rainis Pyala Beach

* Famous for its black sand beach, Reynisdrangar is one of Iceland’s most popular places to visit, surrounded by black basalt columns and where you can see the Reynisdrangar rock formations.

Move to a hotel close to the coastal village of Vik

-Optional: Katla Ice Cave Tour (€175)

5 day
Location Yokusalon & Diamond Beach
Detail Continue with a professional guide to watch glacier carvings in the southern glacier-covered lakes.

* Iceland’s second-largest national park, more famous as a filming location for Instellar

– Hike to Diamond Beach with drift ice

Optional: Jokulsarlon boat ride (€80)

6 day
Location East Fjord
Detail Today, you will travel to eastern Iceland with your guide.

* Iceland’s East Fjords where you can meet amazing and rare wildlife.
It is the only place in Iceland where you can occasionally see wild reindeer, the high ridges and the huge Vatnajokull to the west.

Halop Stadaskogur: The largest forest in Iceland. It offers many trails leading to locations such as waterfalls, coves and wastelands.
Lake Lagarfljot: A lake where you can find mythical worm-like creatures that are said to live underwater.

7 day
Location Myvatn area by Deddy Force
Detail Today, you and your guide will travel northeast for a phenomenal experience. Lake Myvatn features the lava formations, mud pools and amazing geological features that make Iceland unique.

Namaskard Pass: A hot geothermal area where the earth boils and fluctuates
Dimmu Borghir: A uniquely shaped lava column rising from the ground and
Dedi Falls, which pours majestic and powerful glacial water: 100m wide and 44m high, three waterfalls that fall into Jokulsargljufur Canyon, Asbyrgi: An old forest located in a horseshoe-shaped canyon. Godafoss waterfall important in Christian Icelandic history
Rest in the fishing village of Husavik

Option: Myvatn Hot Springs (€80)

8 day
Location Northern Iceland
Detail Today you will travel to Acre, the second largest city in Iceland.

After exploring the village of Akureyri, move to the village of Hauganes.
-Opportunity to see humpback whales found in the sea on a whale watching boat in Hauganes village

*With a charming harbor and beautiful black sand beach overlooking both the sea and the allegorical high mountains

After the tour, transfer to the capital Reykjavik.

Including: Hauganes Whale Watching

9 day
Location Iceland
Detail Departure from Reykjavik Airport
Arrival in each area of the United States



* 상기 일정은 항공 및 현지 사정에 따라 다소 변경될 수 있음을 양지하시기 바랍니다.
포함 : 호텔 (2인 1실 기준), 가이드, 기사, 차량
불 포함 : 항공,호텔/공항 이동 서비스(10분미만일 경우) 가이드 및 기사 팁, 각종 옵션 , 여행자 보험 
*상기 일정은 10명 미만일 경우 현지가이드, 10명 이상일 경우 한인인솔자와 함께 관광을 하시게 됩니다.