13 days of Discovery home country visit

** For the 13-day home country visit schedule, 8 or more guests are invited at all times.
[Departure date] 2023: 4/11, 6/21, 8/9, 9/25, 11/1
Included: Full-day hotel, meals, bilingual guide, entrance fee, vehicle
【Not included】 Guide tips, optional tours, air tickets, etc.



1 day
Location Departure from each region
Detail – Departure from each U.S. region
2 Day
Location Seoul
Detail – After arriving at Incheon International Airport, move to Seoul

– Free time and rest

3 day
Location Seoul, Nami Island, Seoraksan
Detail – Nami Island, famous for Winter Sonata. A secluded island on the border between Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do is a place the world pays attention to.

The romantic direction on the stretched sycamore fir path creates beautiful memories.

– After eating chicken ribs, go to Seoraksan

– Relax after a natural hot spring

4 day
Location Goseong, Gangneung
Detail – Climb the Goseong Observatory, where you can see the 12 peaks of Mt. Geumgang from afar and follow the North Korean road as if you are going to Pyongyang.

– On the way down, visit the villa of President Syngman Rhee and Kim Il-sung

– Move to Abii Village where displaced people live

– Go to Gangneung Coffee Village. Relax while soaking in the sweet aroma of coffee

5 day
Location Gangneung, Jeongseon, Donghae
Detail – Depart to Jeongseon 5-day Market full of rural charm

– Sky Walk: A place that shows wonderful scenery reminiscent of a map of the Korean Peninsula

– Take a break after moving to Samhwasa Temple located in the East Sea

6 day
Location Donghae, Andong
Detail – Move to Andong, which contains the appearance of an old house as it is

* Since Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the British Royal Family, many visitors have come and the birthplace of Confucian culture registered as UNESCO

– Tour the process of tasting and making Andong Soju with a master of alcohol

– Rest in a Hanok in Gunja Village

7 day
Location Andong, Namwon, Gwangju
Detail – After breakfast, go to Gwanghwaru

* Cross Jirisan Mountain and meet a hot love story at Gwanghwaru. Famous scenes from sensational novels pass in a panorama

– Go to Gwangju

8 day
Location Gwangju, Damyang
Detail – Move to Changpyeong

* An opportunity to meet a fermented food master and discover the secrets of healthy food. You can see the hanging soybean paste and the Jangdokdae containing the aged soybean paste.

– Go to Damyang

* A place where you can spend a relaxing and enjoyable time walking among the endless large pine trees along the Damyang Bamboo Forest and Damyang Meta Square.

9 day
Location Gwangju, Gangjin, Mokpo
Detail – Go to Gangjin

* An opportunity to experience the path of contemplation at the exile of Chodang Yak-yong, the best philosopher in Korea. A world-class shopping district such as Rosso, a philosopher who influenced the 18th century.

You can walk the Philosopher’s Path from the exile to Baekhyeoksa

– Go to Mokpo

– You can take the Mokpo Cable Car and see the beautiful scenery of the archipelago

– While sightseeing in the city, you can see restaurants and tea houses that have been renovated from small houses built during the Japanese colonial period.

10 days
Location Mokpo, Boseong, Suncheon
Detail – Go to Boseong

– Walk through the Boseong green tea fields and visit the birthplace of Ung-min Jung, Pansori, not far away.

– Go to Nagan-eupseong Village in Suncheon:

The life of the Joseon Dynasty is reproduced, and you can see the old thatched houses where the villagers live while still farming in a conventional way.

– Go to Songgwangsa Temple:

It is a place where many high priests have been trained and is famous for its superb view.

11 days
Location Suncheon, Namhae, Busan
Detail – Go to Namhae

– Sightseeing at Boriam, a spectacular view from the temple. looking at the open sea

– Move to Darengi Village along Sangju Beach, the most beautiful driveway

* Darengi Village is the only terraced rice field that can be seen in Korea.

– Go to Busan

12 days
Location Busan
Detail – Busan Bujeon Market Tour

– Go to Songjeong by Haeundae train. A section showing the hidden secrets of Busan

– Visit the UN Cemetery

* The place where 3,400 UN soldiers among the Korean War veterans are buried. It is a park where you can relax and heal.

13 days
Location Busan
Detail – free time