Travel to New Mexico, the city of culture and art

【Schedule】 Departure from each area
Departure Date: 3/13, 5/15, 7/3, 9/4, 10/16, 11/13, 2023
El Paso New Mexico, Santa Fe
[Included] 4 nights at the hotel and full meal, expert guide, vehicle, admission ticket
【Excluded items】Air ticket, tips for guides and drivers, optional tours, etc.
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1 day
Location Gallsbed
Detail – Meet the guide after arriving at the airport

– Go to Gallsbed National Park

It is home to a huge underground cave that can be proud of in the world, and as a national park managed by the federal government, it is famous for limestone caves that have been melted from groundwater for tens of millions of years.

2 Day
Location El Paso New Mexico
Detail – White Sands National Park

Blue sky and white sand Even in summer, this place is famous for its cool sand due to its limestone sand.

– Hot Spring

New Mexico has many natural hot springs that are known for their healing properties. Here, you can heal the body and mind tired from travel. (Option: $50.00)

3 day
Location Santa Fe
Detail – Loretta Chapel

Legendary mysterious staircase that an angel came down to help. No glue or nails were used, only square wooden wedges were used.

– A unique French Romanesque and ocher adobe style cluster in the city center of Santa Fe

– Church of San Miguel, the oldest built in America (1910)

4 day
Location Santa Fe
Detail – Buildings and squares of America’s oldest cities. Lots of things to see, such as Indian stalls and souvenir shops

– History of New Mexico The Governor-General’s Residence where you can see the history from the Spanish occupation

– Winery tour that can be enjoyed allegorically in a hotel built with a unique adobe architecture made by crushing red soil with water (wine testing: option)

– Sandia Peak, famous for being higher than Mt. Baekdu. The rock formations with the new blue sky are amazing

* Sandia Peak Tramway (option: $50.00)

5 day
Location Santa Fe
Detail – Bandelier National Monument. The ruins of a settlement where the Indians lived [place where the Pureblo people lived together for thousands of years]

– A place that has become one of the three largest art markets in the United States. A city loved by artists. A place rich in various arts and artistic sights

* Disbanded upon arrival at the airport


▶ 상기 일정은 항공 밎 현지 사정에 따라 다소 변경될수 있음을 양지하시기 바랍니다
▶ 포함: 항공권, 입장권, 식사 포함, 호텔 (2인 1실 기준), 가이드, 기사, 차량
▶ 불 포함: 가이드 밎 기사 팁은 현찰로 준비하여 주시거나 사전에 지불하여 주세요
($20.00 x 5days = $100.00, 식당 호텔 밎 음료수는 개별지불, 각종 옵션, 여행자 보험)
▶ 백신 접종증과 PCR 음성 테스트를 필히 지참하여 주세요
* 소규모 인원 6분이상일 경우만 행사진행 합니다

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