Beautiful Naegangsan Gangwon-do/Seoul 9 days 8 nights


【Schedule】: Incheon Airport – Seoul – Seoraksan – Goseong – Gangneung – Jeongseon – Donghae, etc.
【Included】: Hotel accommodation, professional guide, driver and vehicle/11 meals included
【Not Included】 : Tickets, tips for guides and drivers, options, meals on 7/8/9, etc.





1 day
Location All departures from America
Detail All departures from America
2 Day
Location Incheon/Seoul
Detail – Meet the guide after arriving at Incheon Airport

– After moving to Seoul, free time or hotel check-in

3 day
Location Seoul/Seoraksan
Detail – After meeting with the guide, go to Seoraksan Mountain in Gangwon-do

* Ride the Gwongeumseong Cable Car and enjoy the unexplored scenery of Seoraksan Mountain by walking up to Shakingbawi Rock and Biryong Falls.

You can overlook the still scenery and Sokcho.

4 day
Location Goseong/Gangneung
Detail – Go to Goseong

* Go up to the Goseong Observatory and you can see the 12 peaks of Mt. Geumgang from afar.

Passing through Abai Village, you can sympathize with the beauty of the eight sights of Kwandong while reminiscing on the sunrise at Naksansa Temple.

5 day
Location Gangneung/Jeongseon/Donghae
Detail – Move to Jeongseonjang to Jeongseon 5-day Market, full of rural charm

* Skywalk shows a wonderful landscape reminiscent of a map of the Korean Peninsula

– You can feel the scent of the sea as the train leaves along the sea of Jeongseon.

* Optional: Take the train ($50)

– Today is an opportunity to have a different time in a quiet hermitage in the mountains

– Temple stay or rest in a hanok


6 day
Location Gangneung
Detail – On the last day in Gangwon-do, visit the 99-room Principal Sohn’s formal yangban houses.

* You can see old houses and pass by Gyeongpodae, where you can see the beautiful seascape at a glance, and there is

Free time in the streets of small cafes

– Go to Gangneung Station. Go to Seoul by train

7 day
Location Seoul
Detail Seeds:
It is a shrine where the ancestral tablets of 27 kings and queens are enshrined. It has a simple architecture, yet contains dignity and sublimity.
Secret Garden at the end of Changdeokgung Palace on the way to Jongmyo Shrine. The Secret Garden is a haven to soothe the king’s worries. The wonderful scenery and splendor will melt into the scenery that preserves natural beauty and harmony. In the afternoon, we will pass by the Hanok Village surrounding Cheonghwadae and take a walk in places that often appear in dramas. Get a taste of the traditional market with food. Seoul Tower: Visit Seoul Tower at sunset to see the charm of the coexistence of the past and the present. Hotel: Fraser Place
8 day
Location Seoul
Detail *** Free time *** Today is free time to enjoy the attractions in Seoul personally. Through this opportunity, it is time to freely enjoy Namdaemun Market, a traditional market with 600 years of history, Myeongdong, the best shopping street in Seoul, Insadong Street with traditional culture, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Namsan Tower that runs through Seoul, and palaces and museums known around the world.

Hotel: Fraser Place

9 day
Location Seoul

each region

Detail Today we will go to Incheon International Airport. We depart for each region.

*  상기 일정은 항공 및 현지 사정에 따라 다소 변경될 수 있음을 양지하시기 바랍니다.
포함 : 호텔숙박, 전문 가이드,기사 및 차량/11식사 포함
불 포함 : 가이드 및 기사 팁은 현찰로 준비하여 주시거나 사전에 지불하여 주세요 .
   ( $20 x 9days = $180 ,식당  호텔  및 음료수는 개별 지불, 각종 옵션, 여행자 보험, 7/8/9일 식사 등 )
백신 접종 증 필히 지참하여 주세요.
여행자 보험을 적극적으로 추천합니다(천지 지변 시 각 투어/호텔/입장료 환불불가)