7 Canyon Healing Trekking 8 days

【Schedule】 Departure from each region – Grand Canyon – Zion’s Canyon – Bryce Canyon – Arches Canyon – Antalop Canyon – Sedona
【Departure Dates】 8/13, 11/1, 2022 – 3/11, 5/28, 8/4, 11/18 2023
【Not included】 Air ticket, guide and driver tips, optional tour, travel insurance, etc.
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1 day
Location Departure from each region
Detail – Departure from each region. Arriving at Flagstaff
– Free schedule after 66HWY legendary road tour according to flight schedule
– Hotel check-in

Holiday Inn or similar

2 Day
Location Grand Canyon
Detail – Nature tour to the Grand Canyon by train
– After arrival, South Rim nature tour, lunch and free time
– You can enjoy the beautiful canyon of the setting sun
– 4-hour trekking course (Bright Angel Trail) available / Afternoon: Observation of the Desert View Observatory-

Grand Canyon Park Hotel: Yavpai Lodge – South Rim Grand canyon

3 day
Location Grand Canyon
Detail * A series of vertical cliffs. A rock that feels like it’s going to explode. A place where you can see cliff tours, recharge phytoncide, and enjoy “Shun Cance”
– A spectacular view of the sunrise from Mather Point, east of the Grand Canyon
– Canyon tour along the hiking trails of the trekking course in the early morning
– After lunch, arrive at Zion’s Canyon, have dinner and stay at the hotel

Giant Canyon Inside Park: Holiday Inn or similar

4 day
Location Zion’s Canyon
Detail (All schedules free schedule)
* A life travel destination that you will want to come back to again and again
– Hiking along Zion’s National Park Boulevard. Nature exploration using a trekking course

Zion’s Canyon Inside Park: Holiday Inn or similar

5 day
Location Bryce Canyon
Detail * A must-do in Bryce Canyon! Cracking experience at sunset and inspiration

– Drive through Zion’s Canyon and go to Arches Canyon after sightseeing
– Check-in at the hotel after free time

Hayatt Place or equivalent

6 day
Location arches canyon
Detail * Visited by 1.5 million people annually, Arches National Park is known for its adventure sports enthusiasts rappelling in the canyons, and for those who enjoy the tranquility of nature, it is a haven for paradise.

– Relax after watching Arches Canyon climbing at dawn
– Go to the page and check-in at the hotel

* Optional: Monument Valley Sightseeing – Navajo Native Settlement
(The above schedule is subject to change according to the local schedule)

Bestwesterun Hotel or similar

7 day
Location enthalp canyon
Detail – A feast of debt, the best spot for photographers. A place famous for leaving a mark of life wherever you take it
– Antalop Canyon tour, where you can see the best of the northern part of the Grand Canyon
– Mysterious Horseshoe Canyon, Horseshoe Tour
– Check-in to hotel after dinner

Sedona Lodge or similar

8 day
Location Sedona
Detail – After breakfast, go to Bellac, the source of the artist’s village Sedona downtown tour.
– Free time at Canyon Brezze after arrival in Sedona Up-Downtown* Opportunity to see the red rocks of Sedona in a hot air balloon in the gentle breeze (optional: hot air balloon tour – $250/3 hours itinerary) – Arrive in Phoenix and transfer to the airport


▶ 투어요금은 2인1실 기준
▶ 본인의 부주의로 인한 부상 및 분실에 대해서는 관례에 따라 면책됨을 알려 드립니다.
▶ 상기일정은 현지 교통, 기후 등 기타 제반사항에 의해 다소 변경될 수 있음을 양지 바랍니다.
▶ 포함: 입장권, 식사 포함, 호텔(2인 1실 기준), 가이드, 기사, 차량
▶ 불 포함: 항공권,가이드 밎 기사 팁($20x8days=$160), 각종 옵션, 여행자 보험 등