5 nights 6 days trip to Rushmore, the 4 presidents of the United States

【Schedule】 Each region In – Each region Out
Regional Departure – Kansas Arrival – Kansas Aviation Museum[Airline History Museum] -Rapid City Go – Rushmore Go – Crazy Horse[Tasunke Witco] , Move Devil Tower – Move to Monument Rock – Arrive at each area
【Date】 8/15
【Included】 Tour and hotel, vehicle, meal, etc.
【Not included】 Guide tips, optional tours, etc.



1 일
Location Kansas
Detail It is the pride of Kansas and has played an important role in the American aviation system.
This was a historic airport that moved a lot during World War II, and the aviation, aircraft engines, and records of that era are on display.
Travel to Lincoln City and rest
2 일
Location Linclon
Detail After the gold mining village was established in 1876, a city where many Europeans gathered, many sculptors and artists gathered to live, and the city of Lepid, which is called “Gateway to the Black Hill,” was born.
After a brief city tour, transfer to the hotel and rest
3 일
Location Rushmore
Detail It symbolizes America’s pride as a masterpiece completed over 14 years by Gutzon Borglum and his son to leave their legacy for generations to come by engraving the faces of America’s heroes and quarters of presidents in stone.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

After taking a walk with a simple walking tour, go to Keystone by Black Hills train.
After arriving in Keystone, enjoy the nature with an outdoor BBQ after sightseeing in Custer National Park.

4 일
Location Black Hills
Detail Crazy Horse (Tasunke Witco) is making another great work over 120 years to leave a long memory of the hero who was sacrificed in 1840 to preserve the culture and history of the native Indians.
After lunch, drive to Wyoming to Devil’s Tower.
It is a pagoda where magma remained on Hwado Island because a volcano did not erupt about 6,000 years ago and hardened. It is a natural monument in 1916 by President Roosevelt and is now famous for skydiving and rock climbing.
Return to the Black Hills and relax in a hot spring bath.
5 일
Location Monument Rock
Detail The rocky castle was formed from carbonate deposits in 80,000 years and was already the first landmark selected by the Ministry of the Interior as a national natural attraction.
After a walk with the natural wind, move to Wichita Kansas, take a break after a brief city tour
6 일
Location each region
Detail Depart for each region

▶ Tour fee is based on a double room, and if you use a room for 3 or 4 people, additional discounts are applied only for the 3rd and 4th guests 
▶ What to bring: Simple clothes and a jacket, toiletries, personal medicine (stomach pain, headache medicine . .), camera, etc. 
▶ The above rates are tour rates and do not include airfare. 
The detailed airfare varies according to the reservation status based on the departure city and departure date. Please inquire for exact airfare.
▶ Tour departure and arrival times vary slightly depending on flight time. 
▶ We inform you that we will be exempted according to customs for injury or loss due to your negligence. 
▶ Please note that the above schedule may be slightly changed depending on local traffic, climate, etc. 
▶ The service charge for the driver and guide is $20 per person per day.
▶ In the United States, tipping is a daily life. We appreciate the payment of a tip if: 
  $2 per person after eating / $2 at the table upon check-out from the hotel