one fine day in october

“On a wonderful day in October… “New Mexico Edition” Part 1

“It’s hard to open my eyes, that sky higher than autumn feels good, the phone that wakes me up on holidays, where and what to do today… ” I took a cup of coffee early in the morning and went out on the road at dawn, listening to Kim Dong-gyu’s song and running down the quiet highway, the lyrics of the song are engraved in my heart. What am I going to do today, where? .? He wants to feel new in his newly purchased SUV, and he runs to New Mexico to an unfamiliar place. The clear blue sky without a single cloud, the golden autumn fields, along with the cotton flowers bursting out like white clouds, embroidered the autumn sky and looked beautiful. The first city we drove seven hours from Dallas Texas was Carlsbad, New Mexico, a small and quiet city. After driving for a long time, I decided to come back the next morning to relieve my fatigue.

Carlsbad is a humid desert subterranean cave located in southern New Mexico. 300 reef fossils formed by the inland sea about 265 million years ago. If you look at the shapes of the rocks that grew from the ceiling, you can see the mystical and great wonders of nature. This national park preserves two histories, the National Register of Historic and the Rattlesnake Spring Historic, and the old customs of the American Indians who have lived a long history, the exploration and settlement of Europeans, the cultural arts and conflicts of the Indians, and the traces and traces of industry and tourism. In December 1995, Carlsbad National Park was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I’m moving to the next course by turning my feet. New Mexico, which I’ve been wanting to come for a few years, doesn’t seem like a bustling city. Small low houses, long deserts, dense forests, and even the rivers that come down in a friendly harmony with the mountains make my running heart let go. It took about 4 hours to arrive at the White Sand Desert National Park. You may think of a white sandy beach laid out in the blue emerald sea that we think of, but here in White Sand National Park, a white sandy desert spreads out like a folding screen.

About 12,000 years ago, the land of the Tularosa Basin was a lake, stream, grassland, and ice age, and it is a natural white sandy beach that was created by being moved by rain and wind as mammals gradually melted over a long period of time under the influence of a warm climate. This sandy desert covers 145,762 acres (227,89sq, 589.9km2) and covers the Tularossa Basin and is a US military missile zone. Far from the sea, it seems dry and waterless, but surprisingly, there are thousands of species of animals, 45 species of invertebrates, and white and gray animals and moths. On January 18, 1933, it was designated a national monument by President Herbert Hoover, but on December 20, 2019, it was registered as a national park by President Donald Trump’s signature. 600,000 visitors visit the sand dune campsite, hiking, sledding, and sending leisure boats for a 7-mile drive. In addition, various explanations and guidance are provided through the National Park Ranger, but when the date of the military missile launch is set Entry is prohibited, so be sure to check in advance.

How the day goes by so quickly.. I’m happy to be able to see two things in one day to the fullest. Instead of the romance of climbing a white sandy hill and looking down at the sea, I couldn’t forget to watch the endlessly dazzling beauty of the white sandy beach under the clear blue autumn sky. If the waterfall is described as “bridal veil”, I would say that Whitesend National Park is like the bride’s “white wedding dress”… Is it like walking while receiving God’s blessing and being welcomed? Unfortunately, the audience is small due to the Covid-19, but I become my own model and look at the camera. Instead of the red carpet, I saw myself on the white sandy beach, and this evening, I will choose a natural hot spring for me who has worked hard all day. Let’s soak in the hot spring. It’s good to have an open-air hot spring in this place. The Milky Way at night was splendid in the splendid lights of Christmas just before the end of the year.

What kind of mystery will make my heart flutter today?…, The city of Albuquerque, which arrived in 2 hours, was quite bustling like a big city. It is famous as a place where the hot air balloon festival is held every year in early October, but above all, riding the tram that stretches along the ridgeline to Sendiapec along the ridgeline with the world’s third longest single cable car, and taking the cable where you can see the city below the mountain, is not to be missed. , the longest aerial tram in the Americas. Let’s enjoy the natural scenery with a cup of coffee at the top of the mountain, Sendia Peck, after passing the long rocky rocks. For lunch, we decided to eat the famous New Mexico traditional food. As American Indian culture and Spanish culture settled, food and art culture developed, and Tex-Mex food tasted a little different from the indigenous taste. Also, in this place where there are many pepper farms, the harvested red pepper bales are decorated on the eaves, and when you are walking through the golden-colored mountains and red peppers whether it is a good harvest or a good harvest, a heavy footstep makes your heart lighter and richer. Hearing that he had come to make New Mexico products, the pastor personally came out to give directions and toured every nook and cranny of Albuquerque, toured the fortifications of Jeonjeeng, Mexico/Spain, and listened to, saw, and explored the history column of New Mexico. I was happy to have

New Mexico is the fifth largest state of the 50 and has 46th with a population of over 2.1 million. The climate and topography vary from lush mountains and deserts, along the banks of the Rio Grande, the Bosque Habitat and one third of the federal government. It is a treasure trove. One of the monuments is Bandelier National Park.

From 1150 to 1600, this place was permanently settled as the home of the ancestors of the Pueblo peoples, American Indians. Long ago, living in rocky rocks made of volcanic ash from volcanic eruptions, they developed while engaged in agriculture, trade, and construction, but in the 18th century, the Pueblo Indian tribe suffered hardship through war and revolution due to the Spanish invasion, ending the alliance between the Spanish and missionaries. As a result, he embraced the Spanish culture for a peaceful fair and proudly developed the culture of the American Indians. Among them, the closest they survive is the Bandelier National Park, which is two-thirds of the 23,267 acres, mostly wilderness, from the Rio Grande Mountains to the top of the mountain, “Valles Caldera”, is 10,000 ft. 3,000m) long, it is preserved as a variety of living areas and wildlife habitats. As I climbed the ladder to climb the rocky mountain rock cave, the site of life, I could see traces of their lives, and as I climbed the trekking course to the top of the mountain, I couldn’t help but admire the golden leaves soaked in color. Did you open the hidden treasure chest of New Mexico? New Mexico is a city full of sights, food, history, culture and art. In the meantime, if I have seen their hometown and life, I will now go to Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico and the city of art.

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and the oldest capital of the United States. As a center established as a Spanish colony in 1610, it preserves the Edovian architecture of the American Indian Pueblo style, and spreads the art of Indian/Spanish culture along with a creative and unique style. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was built in 1869, centering on the Museum of History, which preserves the buildings of 1600 years ago, and Senmegel Church, built in 1610 as a Spanish colonial missionary church. (St. Miguel Chapple) was destroyed and reconstructed due to the revolutionary movement of the American Indians, and Loretta Chapple, who made the Miraculous Staircase in response to prayer, provided education for girls at the time the New Mexico Ordinance was established in 1873. It begins by filing a petition with the Catholic Ministry of Education and Training. At that time, the Loreto Sisters responded to this and sent six sisters to build a chapel for training. die before making it. According to the legend, the nuns offered consecutive prayers to St. Joseph, the carpenter’s patron god, for 9 days in a row, and on the last day of the 9th, a carpenter appeared with only a hammer and a square woodcarving and made the stairs, and the carpenter disappeared without thanks or reward. This stairway is a stairway going up and down the choir, and it is a fire because it is made using only wood by turning exactly 360 degrees from the upper floor to the lower floor in a spiral from the upper floor to the lower floor without any studs or nail marks. It is called the miraculous staircase that gave answers to the prayers of St. Joseph, the patron deity, and is said to be a legend.

In addition, there are many places to see and eat in the Old Santa City. There are many places where Native American descendants live and traditional crafts and art works are displayed, and the streets are even more beautiful with the harmony of the Edobi buildings and artworks in silver color. Every Saturday, Santa Fe Plaza Inn brings a variety of agricultural products, crafts, and handicrafts to the exhibition, and it is interesting to taste their traditional food. Is traditional art influenced by Spanish culture? The streets are full of colorful artworks. Is this all? Game of Thrones, Casablanca, which was a hit at the film festival, was filmed here, and outstanding artistry and culture are further revitalized.

The hectic five-day schedule is not enough to see all of New Mexico, but he turns away because he can’t see it all in a short time. Unfortunately, the national park of “Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rock,” which I had been wanting to see for a while, was not open due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Was this the proverb that it is dark under the lamp? It was a bit embarrassing that he didn’t see the treasure chest right next to him, and he always chose only famous places, overseas, distant places, but he comforts himself by saying that he is lucky to be able to visit a new destination in time. . For those who are still resting at home due to the corona virus, if you open your heart a little, I want to show you a hidden gem. I am taking on a challenge like this in the sunny autumn sky.