Iceland Summer Trip Part 3

Asland summer trip part 3 ~

Iceland’s summer is beautiful~ Ring Road in 8 days

Besides the capital of Reykjavik, Iceland has Egilstadir to the east and Akureyri to the north. East Egilstadir is a port city, and there are many people engaged in fishing, and it is also famous for fishing/salmon and trout farms as the glacial water flows into the big river and goes out to sea. First, we turn to the famous Glacier Falls and the golf circle with history. The Golden Circle is divided into Thingvellir National Park, the geology where the Eurasian plate and the North American plate meet. where it is listed in Walking on the trail between the hills covered with volcanic debris was amazing and the natural waterfalls were dazzling. Also, the geothermal springs of Geysir and Stokur, which are nearby geothermal areas, spurt out every 4 to 10 minutes and rise to a height of 15 to 20 m and a maximum of 40 m, making it the most popular tourist destination in Iceland. In addition, Gullfos Falls, where the glacial water of the Kvita River flows down, is powerful enough to be called “Golden Waterfall” and is the best waterfall where glacial water falls down the valley in two stages with a height of 32m (105ft0). In the basement, they use geothermal heat to live with large and small crops in a green house, and clean and pure glacial water flows down from the top to use drinking water. This is also a very popular product. Whereas snorkeling that we usually think of is looking at various seafood and corals in the sea, snorkeling here is famous for seeing the path of debris created by a volcano immersed in clear glacial water. Thorough equipment You can have a special adventure by walking in the ice-like water for 2-3 hours while wearing a warm water bath.

The staple food in Iceland is lamb, either seafood or meat. Each family raises sheep, each with their own recipes, preparing each dish of fresh ingredients on the table for the guests. Lamb raised on the farm The taste has been deep since then, and I was able to feel the taste of the meat without the stench that I was thinking of, and the taste of Icelandic beer made with glacier water is also added to this dish, so it is not envious of the amount of cold. Are all my tastes good? I wondered if I was the only one doing this, but the guests who accompanied me also said it was so delicious and enjoyed it. In this country, which is surrounded by sea on all sides, cod, trout, and salmon are staple foods. Iceland, which has a small population compared to the country, accepts immigration early and can eat European and Asian food, but there is no Korean restaurant, and some ingredients that can be used for Korean food are sold. The nice thing about them is that they have Shin cup noodles. I eat different foods every day and the food tastes so diverse that I don’t even remember Korean food, but when I try the cup noodles I see in a few days, I can’t be happier than this. It was as pleasant as the sour cup noodles I tasted at the top of Jungfrau Mountain.

Every day goes up and down without being bored. It is midsummer, but light padding was essential. I had to tie it around my waist because I didn’t know where and how the glacial wind would blow. , the soles of the shoes have all fallen off. Oh my gosh, this kind of incident… ..I made an excuse and bought hard hiking boots from Iceland.

It was moving to the east (Hofn) through the south (Vik). Above is a glacier, below is a volcano and a hot spring. Cheonji is an international national national park. If you look down at the sea filled with glacial water from the top of the hill, you can see an ice sculpture mountain where ice floats. Let’s explore nature while climbing the glacier trek, which takes 3 hours, while looking at the mysteries of the glacier caves that have been accumulated for hundreds of millions of years.

Arriving in the Northeast, one must-do is the “Myvatn Nature Baths”. Although there is a famous “Blue Lagoon” hot spring in Iceland, it contains a lot of natural minerals and alkalis boiled from the geothermal heat of seawater, and it is mixed with sulfur, so it is a sulfur hot spring that has a beneficial effect on asthma and other respiratory diseases. People here are famous enough to say that they look 10 years younger when they come out of this Mybiton Onsen. Every day is busy, from waving hair, to eye candy, eating, going up and down… ..It’s not easy to become pretty, all women, let’s get together today, let’s be 10 years younger~~, even if you don’t know me tomorrow… … !!

Arriving in Akureyri, Iceland’s second city, it seems more crowded than the quiet, small towns I’ve been to. . In the evening after driving for a long time, I tasted the famous salmon sashimi in Igojang. Was it kicked up vigorously in the waters of glacial water? The taste of salmon was very soft, and the more savory taste was a special delicacy. In winter, this place in the north is bustling with tourists coming in to see the Northern Lights in winter. The sky is dazzling all night with the aurora, so it is difficult to find a room if you do not make a reservation a year in advance. Set up a hotel in Vig and observe the northern lights from the south to the north. The shadows of the frozen rivers and lakes in Iceland’s long, jewel-like Milky Way are even more picturesque. The northern aurora observation can be seen from October to February of the year, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be seen on cloudy days, and it is difficult to accurately predict the weather here.

Crossing the mountains and clouds, I was heading west towards Snæfellsnes. All regions of Iceland have different beauty in the east, west, north and south, but I particularly enjoy the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the west. There are so many things to see and do that Snapilsness is sometimes called mini Iceland, and it can capture all the beauty of nature. Snai-white snow, Fels-hill, and Ness-Peninsula have the meaning. There are too many places to visit in the peninsula of Snapylsnes. The Kirkupel Mountain in the movie “The Prince’s Game” is 463 m/1,519 ft high, surrounded by green moss, and has a triangular model. It stands out even more by the sound of water and leaves a lasting impression in many people’s photos.

Ytri Tunga – This place is famous for its white sand beach, where seals live. From June to July, you can take great poses as if the seals show off each other at the beach. At the beach full of seaweed and kelp. I was very happy to see a newborn baby seal by chance, yawning over and over again, we all fell asleep comfortably as if nothing happened to us. It is said that they rush to protect the baby. Isn’t protection of the baby not only for humans, but for all mankind to coexist with maternal love? It is said that where there are seals, there will always be whales, but a large whale has to bite into a seal hunting when fresh water comes in. I’m going.

The last destination, the village of Arnarstapi on the Snæfells Peninsula, is a small town on the coast, where it used to be a fishing business, but now it is famous as a place for artists, and it is a place where photographers and painters gather. If you walk along the promenade along the hill, you can see the beauty of the sea and the beauty of the sea and the beauty of the sea as powerful waves rush in between the huge rocks, meaning “rock with a hole”, and you can hear the roaring sound of seagulls. Let’s split the stillness as if it were a chorus, let’s walk on the bridge between the caverns, let’s take a picture of ourselves reflected in the fantastic water in the sea water, let’s make an unforgettable memory.

The sunset on the way back to Reykjavik is even more beautiful Icelandic flower “Lupine’s purple color made the twilight even more colorful with borabit.” We feel so happy that we cannot take our eyes off the beauty of nature.

I am so fascinated by my second trip to Iceland that it will last a lifetime. Who would say that Iceland is cold without visiting? In Iceland, a mysterious and lush country, riding up and down mountains, seeing glacial waterfalls, and glacial mountains. Burning and sweating, I went around regardless of fire or fire. Wherever I go in the world, it is up to me, and if I am happy no matter where I am or what I do, I am not envious of any chaebol… They said that this trip they enjoyed together was 100 points of happiness. I want to share this article with everyone who accompanied me on this trip and Iceland.

~ Thirty thousand miles in search of nature… ~