Capture the autumn leaves of Quebec in autumn I

Capture the autumn leaves of Quebec in autumn I

Stepping on the dew early in the morning, I arrived at the airport at 4 am… I knew I was the first to come, so my mothers came first and were handing out kimbap they had made all night. Does it feel like an autumn picnic with your family? Coffee and kimbap don’t seem to go well together, but kimbap in the early morning should be sweet… ..For those of you who love our Dallas trip, who arrived on time without any exception, Dallas is different.

This time, with a brother and a couple living in Colorado, a younger sister who came to visit her older sister from afar, a younger sister holding her older sister’s two hands and taking her on a late trip, and a couple who stopped working and found her with her wife. The selected couple teams were the beginning of excitement. After waking up from a long sleep, we have already arrived in Toronto. Contrary to what we expected for a cremated autumn, it was raining lightly, and we moved to downtown Toronto, one of the most curious sights and food… The place that left the most impression on me was “The distillery Distric”.

The Distillery District, which has become a representative attraction in Toronto, is a space and center of culture and art that was modeled on the 19th century. The Victorian-style red building that boasts the best in North America and the wooden building Terry caught my eyes. Their small smiles seemed happy with the space where they could take a break from work and a cup of coffee they roasted themselves. In each street, small shops with their own props were displayed along the glass windows to stop us from walking. As I passed through the alleys, there were many things to see. It was good to see the artists’ artworks on display and to listen to their explanations.

Many artists gather here to open a gallery and hold exhibitions along with their work, and occasionally hold festivals with music concerts and exhibitions on weekends. Following the guide’s guidance, we found a pub where we could taste draft beer and wine we made ourselves. You could tell that the beer was fermented from round logs by looking at it, and you could choose a tasting drink with the explanation of the staff. The beer I chose was “Amber..” I drank the dark beer. Whoa, whoa, whoever sees it, I’m a drinker.. I was drinking this flavor.. I was savoring that flavor.. How did you feel.. How did you do this? Drinking from a sample cup rather than a large cup was the same as getting drunk. We went into Ayehope’s house, sat down, started a club, started drinking, and enjoyed the autumn time.

The next day, we were moving to Kingston Thousand Islands for a long time, and on the way to Quebec from the city, there were red maple trees and yellow ginkgo leaves, which are rare to see in Texas, and I was immersed in memories looking at the plump and fresh leaves. Thousand Islands, an eastern river between Canada and the United States, is made up of about 1860 islands. The houses and palaces built on the island, like the resorts of millionaires as resort villas for the wealthy, were antique and beautiful like the royal family, and you can enjoy the best view of Thousand Islands only if you use a cruise. The villas built on the Seine River and the islands sometimes show the American flag and the Canadian flag, which means the border between the United States and Canada depending on the territory of the thousand islands. Bolt Castle, the most famous of them, was built in 1900 as a villa supported by the wife of the famous tycoon, Bolt, who loved him. It is said that it was closed for a long time, but after meeting a new owner, it was completed again, and it is said that the castle now welcomes tourists. It is not possible to visit all of the thousands of islands, but it is a beautiful island that you can visit with explanations by boat or cruise, and it is a must-visit spot.

We ran hard again to see Old Quebec where the sunset is beautiful. The exotic autumn we feel every time we step on our feet moistens our thirsty emotions. Upon arrival, the roads inside the fortress walls are unusual. Old Quebec, where you can feel the breath of history, is surrounded by walls and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old Quebec is also called Upper and Lower Town, Little France, and is home to many French descendants. In the old days, when Britain won the war between France and England, Canada was a fortress built to compete with the United States while under British rule.

In addition, Chateau Franctenac Hotel is the biggest box office hit in 2016, and stands tall like a magnificent castle from “Goblin…” in the hit drama, reminiscent of a palace in the Renaissance, “A goblin who needs a human bride to end the immortal affair”… A lonely goblin is cursed by history, and in the face of fate to draw the sword of love while continuing from the history of 100 years ago to the present age, the mournful love story of a goblin who sacrifices his life for the woman he loves and disappears still remains on that hill. there is . The view looking down on the Seine Lawrence River from the top of the hill is spectacular, best suited to the autumn sunset. Also, if you walk down the winding alleys going down, you can see the charming boutique Champlain Street. Pretty cafes and pubs that captured hearts with the decoration of the show window, almost 90% of them are descendants of French, and the food is excellent for generations. The decoration was even more conspicuous. The alleyways of Old Quebec City are famous for their food. As the French build their pride, the food and shops make you feel like you are in a small Europe, and it doesn’t take long to fall in love with Quebec. Impressed by the appearance of the chateau that grew tall in the fall, I also took one shot of “click-click”,… .

Dinner ends with a tender French steak and red wine. I am reminded of a saying that a customer gave me while on a trip.

What is travel? ..”Happiness here”.